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The NSW Government spends $33 billion a year on health. That’s nearly a third of the budget. But our emergency departments are overcrowded. Ambulance wait times have blown out. And thousands of health care workers are leaving because they are exhausted and feel undervalued.

We deserve a world class health system – and for $33 billion we should have one. So where is the money going? Why are a few people getting very, very rich while our health workers are leaving the system in droves, leaving the people of NSW without the health care they need?

We need a Royal Commission to answer these questions because that’s the only way to fix NSW Health.

It’s time to put patient health before corporate wealth.

Wastage in the health system

The State Government Spends $33B a year on health, so why is NSW Health under stress?

  • 65% of ambulances arrive later than the 15 minute recommended time
  • Regional patients wait 6 months to see a specialist 
  • 1000s of NSW health workers are leaving because they are overworked and underpaid
  • Billions of dollars have been lost in Medicare rorts 
  • 10% of NSW hospital beds are filled by aged care and NDIS residents

It just doesn’t add up. We need a Royal Commission to fix New South Wales Health.

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